Safeguard Your Investment

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    Section 181, Section 199(A), 168(k)

    * Fourth Man Films can monetize and will contribute $3 million off of a $12 million investment, bringing it up to a $15 million budget for the film.

    With Fourth Man Films multiple mitigation strategies offered you can mitigate your investment from 37% all the way up to 100% before the first dollar is ever received from sales.

This is not tax advice consult your accountant. See IRS Section 181, Bonus Depreciation Section 168(k), Section 199A, Section 179. Section 181 can function like a 1031 tax-free exchange would for real estate. Investments are 100% tax deductible. Section 181 applies to the year the project is placed into service.The motion picture corporation issues schedule K-1’s to the investors so they can take advantage of Section 181. Investors can be either individuals or businesses

This is an exclusive offering for accredited investors only. Reg D 506(c). Private Placement Memorandum and production budget have been prepared. Script is ready to be shot. If you are interested in investing, please contact us.

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