Fourth Man Films - Alternative Movie Investment
High Impact - #1 Rated Intellectual Property in Genre

Risk-Adjusted Performance Number

2.14X or 214% Overall Return

21% Annual Returns for Investors

Risk-adjusted performance is the average expected return for the investor for all scenarios.

Overall Return For Investor - FMF Confidence Level Investment Will Hit This Mark

Low-150%        80%-90%

Med-273%        40%-50%

High-518%        10%-20%

FMF-focused genre averages 25.2% annually. Three times higher than the S&P 500(8.4%). *

Comparable intellectual properties to our script Anthony in the focused genre made a 200% -7200% overall return. *

• Fourth Man Films has the #1 rated intellectual property in its focused genre.

• "80% of making a movie is the script." - William Wyler, Academy Award-Winning Director

• It was endorsed #1 rated IP in its genre by Hollywood’s #1 and # 5 rated script consultants. It has also been evaluated to be in at least the top four-tenths of a percent of IP by Hollywood’s #5 rated script consultant.

• Steven Spielberg's and Martin Scorsese's 2nd AD have also endorsed the screenplay, the investment, and the founder as one of the smartest producers he knows in the industry.

• Script strength is equal to Juno, which won the best original screenplay.

• Downside protection. Tax Rebates, Tax Savings, Company Credits. Up to 100% return of capital strategies are available before the first dollar comes in with sales.

• Beat Inflation. High-performing alternatives like this investment are the best way.

• This investment is not correlated to stocks, real estate, or economic downturns.

• Smaller budgets than Hollywood movies, offer investors a fairer and more logical recoupment position that will yield faster and higher returns.

• No experience is necessary since you invest based on the risk-adjusted performance number or the average genre return.

• Institutional Investor Approved. Investment Banker Approved.

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Fourth Man Films focused genre chart above.
Sources: Nash Information Services Beverly Hills
Quantitative: Krug, C. - Princeton University, Bloomberg LP, BlackRock

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