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Brian has been gaining the knowledge base and experience to make the feature film Anthony for more than a decade.

• Developed a very successful turnkey business and sold it for maximum value, in order to focus 100% of his time and energy on Anthony.

• Read over: 100 film books, 100 screenplays, 800 books (business, wealth, psychology, success), and the Bible seven times.

• Worked with more than 10 Hollywood script consultants whose clients have won Emmy Awards and have been nominated for Academy Awards. The #1 & #5 rated consultants in Hollywood said Anthony is one of the best scripts they’ve ever read.

• Made nine trips around the country (NY, LA, etc.) meticulously developing the script, while also adding to his film  acumen.

• Performed extensive research of comparable films, security law, PPMs, film budgets, and sales projections.

• Consulted with multiple accomplished producers, industry consultants, music publishers, and established relationships with potential co-productions.

• Worked as a featured background actor on the 20th Century Fox feature film Unstoppable; a $100,000,000 production starring Denzel Washington and directed by Tony Scott (Top Gun, Beverly Hills Cop 2, Spy Game).

• Worked with AD Eric Lasko Batman Begins, Jurassic World, Lincoln, Dunkirk. Who has worked as an AD under Martin Scorsese, Steven Spielberg.

• Worked alongside actors Rosario Dawson, Kevin Corrigan, and Kevin Chapman.

• Worked over 40,000 hours and spent over $700,000 of his own money while working on this film project and company (Additional seed investors also contributed $300,000).

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