Investing in our Fourth Man Films Movie Project is Easy, Low Risk, and Highly Profitable

Fourth Man Films has the #1 rated intellectual property in their focused niche genre. You can make three times more annual returns than you can in the stock market, and you can receive 100% of your investment back before the first dollar comes in from distribution.

1. Fourth Man Films has the #1 rated intellectual property (Anthony movie script) compared to other top-selling films in its focused niche genre. 80% of making a movie is the script.

2. The Risk Adjustment Performance Number is provided (33%) for the Anthony movie project - for the risk versus reward, the return is very high. Would you rather target 15%-33%+ annual returns or 8.4% annual returns in the stock market?

3. Downside protection - the ability to protect the downside up to 100% before the first dollar comes in. This is mostly unheard of in the investment world, as it has an infinite return potential.

4. It serves the biggest problems and needs in our country.

5. Audience - Audiences are already built-in and starving for the content we are creating.

6. Distributors - they already exist and focus on this genre. They know how to serve the audience and how to get to them.

7. Rarity - it’s rare for a film finance and development company like Fourth Man Films to provide high intellectual property, downside protection, tax savings, finance, and investment sophistication in the movie industry. These lower-budgeted films not only have smaller budgets than Hollywood movies, but they can also offer investors a fairer and more logical recoupment position that will yield faster and higher returns.

Movies are a 100-year-old stable industry. It's not going anywhere. It’s still trending upwards in the United States and growing faster worldwide.

Almost everyone today carries around a mini-movie screen in their hands. Leisure time is expanding. Demand for content is growing.

Movies are not correlated to the stock market or real estate, so they can serve as a significant diversification or as a hedge to your investment portfolio.

Even a smaller 2% (up to 10%) investment portfolio allocation can act as a protective hedge investment.

Movies are enough to balance the downside of your investment portfolio while also being a lot more fun, impactful, and easier to handle than hedging with something like gold (which doesn’t always perform like the hedge it is supposed to be).

Fourth Man Films is a U.S. motion picture development and finance company with expertise in tax incentivized investments and access to high-end intellectual property and high-impact movie projects.

The following numbers 1-6 all correspond to our #1 rated movie project currently titled Anthony for investors.

1. Comparable Intellectual Properties (made 200%-7200% overall returns) - Our movie script Anthony is the #1 rated intellectual property in our focused niche genre.

80% of making a movie is the script. 20% is cast and crew.

“Comps” are the currency by which film projects are evaluated.

Our movie script is rated #1 in its focused niche genre by Hollywood’s #1 and # 5 rated script consultants.

The comparable films in the review with lower intellectual property values than our movie script Anthony made a 200% to 7200% overall return. Investment return numbers are from a 3rd party

To develop and perfect the screenplay Fourth Man Films worked with over 10 Hollywood Script Consultants. Two hundred script readers and thousands of polishes and iterations.


2. Risk-Adjusted Performance - 33% annual returns (315% overall return)

The risk-adjusted performance is 33% annually for investors with the Anthony movie project. Risk-adjusted performance is the average expected return for the investor for all scenarios using a Monte Carlo-like simulation used from a low, medium, high model built by a 3rd party

Compare that to 8.4% for the S&P 500 in the stock market.

If you cover the downside but still have the upside, now you have a high-performing asset making you look brilliant.


3. Quantitative Analysis - The average return in Fourth Man Films focused niche genre averaged 25.2% annually.

The chart below comparing the S&P 500 (8.4%) and Cash (1.5%) over the last 20 years can be seen in the link below. superior-to-stocks-and-bonds/


4. Downside Protection - 100% Return of Capital Strategies

Up to 100% return of capital strategies before the first dollar comes in with sales.

Fourth Man Films has developed strategies for the investor by stacking State Tax Rebates, Federal Tax Savings, and Company Credits. Very few strategies in the investment world exist like these secret weapons.

Also read, Investing with Fourth Man Films Can Reduce Your Federal Tax Rate to Zero and Beat the Stock Market

The ideal target goal for Fourth Man Films would be to get investors 50% of their investment back or more before the film makes one dollar through various strategies they developed or that exist. With 100% of your investment mitigated or returned before the first dollar comes in, returns can be infinite.

These strategies usually fit higher net worth accredited investors on the film production side.


5. The Revenue - Medium Projection for the project would gross worldwide $376,000,000 through all revenue windows.

Our $15MM movie production (Anthony) can gross $376,000,000 in a few short years.

A $15MM Real Estate property grossing $2M a year would take 188 years to gross $376,000,000.

Industry estimates suggest that, on average, roughly 60% of film "first cycle revenue" is generated within 12 months of release, and 80% is generated within 24 months.

There is no business with manufacturing capital entry requirements as low as motion pictures where the potential return can be as unlimited over the short, medium, and long terms.


6. Impact - Positive Impact on our Country

The most significant influence on people is in this order.

1. Parents
2. Media
3. Government

So it makes sense after parenting to fund inspirational and family-friendly content that can positively impact our country.

Movies are the most powerful form of communication ever invented.

From the impact angle with IRC section 181, it most likely would have a more favorable tax treatment than a charitable deduction would for you as an investor.

Almost all accountants, attorneys, and financial advisors are unaware of these tax breaks and mitigation strategies and lack access to the investment vehicle to implement them. Fourth Man Films can steer investors in the right direction with their knowledge base and expertise.

Investing in our Fourth Man Films movie project is easy, low risk, and highly profitable

With inflation always lurking and currently roaring, higher returns are needed, primarily found in alternative investments. Along with portfolio diversification, tax savings and tax delay are always a massive upside for Fourth Man Films movie investors.

With the outsized gains available in this asset class that is non-correlated to real estate and the stock market, alternative investments coupled with Fourth Man Films strategies now become a home run for the right investors.

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