FAQs for the Anthony Movie Investment

1. Is this film a good investment?
Yes. Movies are the fourth most profitable industry in America.
Investing in private placement memorandums are the second fastest way to grow wealth.
These two places are optimal areas for your money to be in.

2. Is investing in this film secure?
Yes. 37% to 100% of your investment may be mitigated.
The film has a potential to be a top-30 film and achieving a a 2.73X-5.18X+ ROI for our Investors.
Where else would you get that type of return or that type of security with your investments?

3. Is this film tax deductible?
Yes. 100% under IRS code section 181, 168K. If you have real estate income, passive income, or other business income you can roll it into this investment and reduce your federal tax rate to 0%.

4. Are most top movies filmed in Los Angeles?
No. In the past they were but with various state tax credits and rebates they are filmed all over the US.

5. Where is Anthony going to be filmed?
Cleveland, Ohio. It’s a great and easy place to film. The #1, #8, #11 top grossing movie opening weekends of all time were films shot in Cleveland, Ohio.

6. Will the Anthony film qualify for state tax rebates?

7. How is Anthony, America’s #1 rated inspirational screenplay?
The script Anthony is far superior to all other top-selling films in its genre based on Hollywood’s #5 rated script consultants review, as well as Hollywood’s #1 rated script consultant stating it was one of the best scripts they’ve ever read. See the Comparables 2.73X-5.18X+ on www.fourthmanfilms.com.

8. What’s the typical minimum investment for each investor for the Anthony movie?
Targeting $1 Million or book to discuss https://calendly.com/fourthmanfilms

9. Is there a limit to the number of investors allowed?
Yes. If you are interested, you should act quickly as this offer is time sensitive due to units being sold out.

10. Where can I get information on investing in Anthony?
View the Investor Resources website pages and by watching the Anthony Movie Investment Whiteboard Video on www.fourthmanfilms.com or call 440.871.7330.

11. Do you have anything you can mail me?
We can send you a marketing folder and a pitch deck.

12. How do I start the process?
Fill out the Investor Snapshot form under the Investor Resource page on www.fourthmanfilms.com or call for more information 440-871-7330 or Schedule.

13. I’ve never invested in film before can you guide me through?
Yes, it’s simple we can serve as your point man for any question you have.

14. Why should I invest in Anthony?
It has one of the best twist endings ever in film. Surprise twist endings = great movies and box office break out potential, which means a High Potential Return for you the investor a 2.73X-5.18X+ ROI.
You the investor will receive passive income for years.
Your investment is 100% Tax-Deductible under section 181, 168k. 37% to 100% of your investment may be mitigated. Where else do you get this type return and security on any of your investments?
Increase your personal brand, prestige, and legacy.
You’ll be a part of one of the most impactful movies ever.
Influence and impact over 100 million people in a positive way.
The most important thing in making a movie is the script. We control the intellectual property rights to a top-rated A-list script (valuation at $4M) that is superior to other top-grossing films in the same genre.
The film will potentially make $376,320,396 - $752,640,791 in worldwide sales. It’ll be a top 30 film the year it’s released.
We write with an original fresh voice. Original screenplays break out financially. See Why Invest? 21 Reasons page on www.fourthmanfilms.com or watch the Anthony Movie Investment Whiteboard Video.

15. How do you know Anthony can potentially make $376,320,396 - $752,640,791 in worldwide sales?
One of the best ways is by movie comparables. Same as you would determine the value of real-estate and by what other properties have sold for. Also, it’s determined by reviews from Hollywood script consultants and script reader feedback. See Comparables at www.fourthmanfilms.com where Anthony’s script craft is far superior to films that have made a 2X-72X return for their investors. See also Third-Party (Nash Information Services, Beverly Hills, CA) projected potential in total Worldwide Sales from all windows of revenue for the Anthony Movie Project in our pitch deck.

16. What’s the movie Anthony about?
See Synopsis and Logline on the Home Page at www.fourthmanfilms.com.

17. What’s Anthony’s Production Budget?
Targeting $16 Million.

18. Who prepared your budget?
Our Line Producer Karri O’Reilly who has been in the film business for over 25 years.

19. How much money can Fourth Man Films bring to the table for the movie production?
$3 million dollars.

20. Will the film have recognizable actors?

21. Does Anthony have a film crew assembled?
Production for Anthony will be executed with hundreds of experienced industry professionals. They’ve worked with A-list directors, actors, and on very large studio productions. Once the film is funded the rest of the team will be assembled.

22. Is the script ready to be shot?

23. Do you have a soundtrack for the film?
The music is already picked out, it will be recognizable, thematically appropriate, and iconic.

24. How many screens will Anthony be shown on across the country?

25. Does this film have an audience?
Yes. It already has a built-in marketable audience. See Comparables page at www.fourthmanfilms.com.

26. Is this Anthony a mainstream film?
Yes. It’s for everyone and it has universal appealing themes.

27. How does the film Anthony have appeal overseas?
The drama/thriller genre performs even better at the box office than a straight drama overseas.

28. What is the potential return on investment?
2.73X-5.18X+. See Anthony ROI page on www.fourthmanfilms.com.

29. Do you have distribution?
Yes. We have two letters from two different companies that already want to distribute the movie based on seeing the final cut. See Distribution page at www.fourthmanfilms.com.

30. What do I do once I’m ready to Invest?
Once you are ready to invest we can send the Private Placement Memorandum with the Investor Subscription Agreement.

31. Who prepared the Private Placement Memorandum?
A top-level film finance attorney that has over 30 years’ experience and author of seven books on film finance and distribution.

32. How long does it take to fill out the investor subscription agreement?
10 minutes.

33. How often are profits distributed?

34. When would I get my return on investment?
Once the film is distributed most money comes back in the first two years.
This is a lot faster return than you would make in the stock or bond markets which would take 29-71 years for the same return (i.e. 7X, developments side).

35. What are some examples of how the Anthony movie will be inspiring?
This film will encourage people that no matter where you come from, no matter what obstacles come your way, you can achieve anything.
It will inspire people to be more creative, inventive, loving, forgiving, to find cures for diseases, and strengthen families across our country and world.

36. Will the Anthony film impact, change, and save lives?
Yes, millions.

37. Are movies the best way to influence our culture?
Movies are the most powerful form of communication ever invented.
Place your money in a position of power and economically leverage your money the best way it can be used.

38. How do I get started to invest in Anthony?
Fill out the Invest Now form on www.fourthmanfilms.com and hit submit, the web connection is secure, or call 440.871.7330.
1991 Crocker Road Cleveland, OH 44145

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