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High potential ROI

Current project open to investors: the Anthony screenplay.

Top 25 Comparable Films in Fourth Man Films Focused Genre from 2000-2020


Fourth Man Films focused genre chart above.
Sources: Nash Information Services Beverly Hills
Quantitative: Krug, C. - Princeton University, Bloomberg LP, BlackRock

Risk-Adjusted Performance

3.15X or 315% Overall Return

33% Annual Returns for Investors

The risk-adjusted performance is the average expected return for the investor for all scenarios.

Potential Revenue Range

Potential Revenue

(Confidence Level to Achieve: Low - 80% , Medium - 40%, High - 10%)

Third-Party (Nash Information Services, Beverly Hills, CA) projected potential in total Worldwide Sales from all
windows of revenue for the Anthony Movie Project.

Returns based on Nash Information Services potential projections rent-a-distributor strategy.
ROI not guaranteed. This is a high-risk investment.

Windows of revenue would include Domestic Box Office, Domestic Video Consumer Spending (retail DVD,
Blu-ray, video rentals, PPV, VOD, and download), International Box Office, International Video Consumer
Spending (retail DVD, Blu-ray, video rentals, PPV, VOD, and download), TV & Ancillary.

Martin Scorsese’s 2nd AD Testimonial for Fourth Man Films


Eric Lasko

Assistant Director
Eric works with Directors Martin Scorsese, Steven Spielberg, Christopher Nolan, Michael Mann, Warren Beatty, Ben Affleck, Steven Soderberg, M. Night Shyamalan, Sydney Pollack on films Dunkirk, Indiana Jones, Batman Begins, Jurassic World, Lincoln; and with Actors Johnny Depp, Denzel Washington, Harrison Ford, Christian Bale, Scarlett Johansson, Daniel Day-Lewis, Susan Sarandon.

Anthony Movie Investment Whiteboard Video

Click the animated whiteboard video to watch the Exclusive Movie Offering that has a high potential ROI for investors.

A Film like this has never been made before.

Refundable tax credits

Mitigate your investment from 37% to 100% before the first dollar is ever received from sales.

100% Tax-Deductible under section 181, 168(k)

Genre Dominant


Endorsed by Hollywood's #1 and #5 rated script consultants as one of the best scripts they've ever read!

2.73X-5.18X+ Potential Return On Investment

Cultural Impact Investment

#1 Film in its genre

Top 30 film

Original, unique, A-list screenwriting

Surprise Twist Endings = Great Movies and Break Out Box Office Potential, Anthony has it

$376,320,396 - $752,640,791 in total Worldwide Sales from all windows of revenue

Our Anthony's script strength is equal to Juno which won an Oscar for best original screenplay

Built in marketable audience

$39,000,000 (Film+P&A) Sourced and Distribution Established


Safeguard Your Investment

  • Shield

    Section 181, Section 199(A), 168(k)

    * Fourth Man Films can monetize and will contribute $3 million off of a $12 million investment, bringing it up to a $15 million budget for the film.

    With Fourth Man Films multiple mitigation strategies offered you can mitigate your investment from 37% all the way up to 100% before the first dollar is ever received from sales.

This is not tax advice consult your accountant. See IRS Section 181, Bonus Depreciation Section 168(k), Section 199A, Section 179. Section 181 can function like a 1031 tax-free exchange would for real estate. Investments are 100% tax deductible. Section 181 applies to the year the project is placed into service.The motion picture corporation issues schedule K-1’s to the investors so they can take advantage of Section 181. Investors can be either individuals or businesses

This is an exclusive offering for accredited investors only. Reg D 506(c). Private Placement Memorandum and production budget have been prepared. Script is ready to be shot. If you are interested in investing, please contact us.


Log Line


Anthony is a story about the value of everyone’s life and the tremendous impact we can have on one another.

In the vein of It's A Wonderful Life and Beautiful Mind, Anthony is a smart, thrilling, patriotic drama that is inspiring and compelling. Since childhood, Anthony demonstrates his convictions and boldness to stand up for himself and others. Growing up in a single-parent home, Anthony struggles with the question throughout his life of whether his personal worth is equal to his accomplishments.

As an adult, Anthony battles a mysterious illness and it seems someone wants him out of the way. He uses his brilliant mind to try and prove that he is of value to his mother, Maria, to his father who abandoned him, and to the rest of the world by striving to save millions of lives including his own.

Anthony Storyboards

Fourth Man Films controls the intellectual property rights for this A-list screenplay (valuation at $4MM) that has huge breakout potential.

Interested Actors & Actresses


Kirk Cameron

Growing Pains, Fireproof, Like Father Like Son, The Best of Times

Jim Breuer

Saturday Night Live, Half Baked, Comedy Central’s 100 Greatest Comedians Of All Time

Lindsay Davis

Miss Ohio, International Model, 90210, The Hunger Games: Catching Fire

Angela Cole

White Boy Rick, Fighting the Sky, The Shoes

Kevin Sorbo

Hercules: The Legendary Journeys, Andromeda, God's Not Dead, Soul Surfer
Ready to Invest?

Fourth Man Films develops highly profitable movie projects from the original idea and screenplay through the theatrical release and all other potential distribution markets. Fourth Man Films is a transparent company to its investors. If you would like to invest and potentially make a 2.73X-5.18X+ ROI, contact us for more information.  Please act today as this offer is time sensitive due to units being sold out, and tax rebates, credits, and incentives possibly elapsing.

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