Alternative Investments in Fourth Man Films are Far Superior to Stocks and Bonds


The US stock market is at all-time highs.

Over the next few years, US Stocks expect to return about 4% per year (4.1% per BlackRock & JP Morgan assumptions).

Bond yields are near 0%, and the yield curve is flat.

Many Liquid alternatives underperformed this year.

Look at AQR. For instance, they were supposed to be the best, and their funds tanked.

Illiquid Hedge funds might get you between 3.5% (BlackRock) and 4.4% (JP Morgan) per year.

By investing in a Fourth Man Films film project as an alternative investment, you as an investor can get higher additional returns, with low beta and correlation to US equities, over a shorter period. The average annual return in the FMF focused genre is 25.2%.

Top 25 comparable films in FMF genre graph 25.2% annual return

If you are a thoughtful Accredited Investor, Private Capital Lender, Institutional Investor, Hedge Fund, Family Office, C-Level Executive, Owner, Founder, Private Equity Investor, Venture Capitalist, Alternative Investment Fund, Film Fund, Angel Investor, Registered Investment Advisor, Qualified Client, Qualified Purchaser. And are looking to make sizeable gains with low risk (Ibis World Reports list film as a low-medium risk) using one of FMF strategic mitigation strategies where you can mitigate up to 100% of capital before the first dollar in sales and are ready to make a capital allocation it would be worth giving Fourth Man Films a call today.

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